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Sample Artworks from our inventory (Click to Enlarge)

Dead Black Utopia, 2012
Inkjet, glaze and foilblock on Hahnemühle photo rag
  The Souls, 2010
Foilblock prints
  Till Death Do Us part, 2012
Silkscreen, glaze and foilblock

Damien Hirst continually confronts the balance between life and death, a topic that will continually be difficult yet mesmerizing as he precariously balances between vanity and transience, value and worth. Hirst has always believed that it is content and meaning that make art significant. He set out his subject matter from the very start and has never deviated from it: the rage against death, the longing to love forever. His works on paper, paintings and his formaldehyde filled vitrines are all about the same obsession. The other thing that pervades his art is a sense of its place in society. As a commodity, as a show, as a commentary, as a mirror, Hirst's art is a grandiose epic of these times. He has a more social and even political idea of art than any number of supposedly radical artists. It is by seeing the market clearly that he has outwitted it to deliver historically important and valuable works of art, and in the process become fabulously wealthy. If conceptual strategies have any worth at all, then Hirst has worth. He has already secured his place in art history.